Winter Mixture – Wrapped – 3kg Bag


Embrace the winter wonderland of flavours with our Winter Mixture – Wrapped Sweets! These delightful little treats are like a cosy hug for your taste buds, blending the warmth of comforting spices with the cool freshness of mint. Unwrap a snowy symphony of sweet and refreshing flavours that will transport you to a frosty paradise where every bite is a playful dance of winter magic. Let the enchanting combination of flavours tickle your senses and infuse your snacking moments with a delightful touch of frosty fun!

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Typical Values per 100g

(Calculation from Ingredients)

Energy 1559 kj / 366 kcal
Fat 0.0g
of which saturates 0.0g
Carbohydrate 96g
of which sugars 78g
Protein 0.0g
Salt 0.17g