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Orders are despatched in 2 to 4 working days on a next day carrier service. We can offer free delivery on all orders. But, orders under £195 ex VAT (AFTER ANY DISCOUNTS) will however be subject to a small order charge of £7.50. We deliver to addresses in the Mainland UK only. NOT OVER WATER. (Empty Jars are subject to a "volume" carriage charge) We do not deliver over water, eg, Channel Isles or Ireland

We accept all these payment options:-
We accept all these payment options:-
We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Trade Price Information

Note, VAT at the current rate will be added to your final purchase cost at Checkout. A VAT invoice will be available upon completion of your valued order.

Bespoke Sweets

Are you a large organisation or just want something that extra special?
We can use our extensive and generations old sweet making knowledge
to make any traditional hard boiled sweet you can imagine, well almost!
Please contact us for more information.

Sweet Manufacturers supplying Trade and Public. Discounts for bulk.

NEW Crispets

Pieces of moorish chocolate infused with coconut. Note, these are made the original way. A traditional Celtic method and recipe.

Traditional Handmade Unwrapped Sweets

These sweets are also made to traditional recipes, the old fashioned way, in copper pans over gas fires. These sweets are either crystallised with a sugar coating, or are lightly dusted, meaning they don't have to be individually wrapped to stay fresh!

Traditional Wrapped Sweets

This is our range of traditional sweets, still made by hand to generations old recipes. Each sweet is individually wrapped with 'a twist'. They can be bought in either jars or 3kg bags.


Small squares of coconut with a toasted top.
CLICK the title or Image to place your order.

NEW DICE (shaped sweets)

Brand new range for us....Cubed shaped sweets crystallised in caster sugar. We call them our new DICE RANGE!

Sugar Free Sweets (Made with Isomalt)

Our Sugar Free look and taste very similar to sugar/glucose based sweets, but instead are made incorporating a product called ISOMALT. Isomalt is a sugar substitute which may be used in the place of a sugar/glucose mix in the production of confectionery.

Isomalt is unique because of its pure, sweet taste, the body and texture it gives to foodstuffs, its suitable for DIABETICS, is non-carigenic (ie it is kind to teeth) and has only half the calories of sugar.

Daily doses of at least 50g are well tolertated over long periods.

Lossin Dant Mints

Lossin Dant Welsh Mints. A mellow brown & white mint wrapped in twistwrapped wax paper. The original welsh mint! First made in the early 1950's. GLUTEN FREE. No artificial colourings or flavourings. (Dairy and Soya Free).

Franks Special Mint

This is the real mcCoy of peppermints, and now with a brand new label!. A registered trade mark, these mints have been made since 1876. A brown & white strong peppermint. We blend the high quality peppermint oil ourselves. Excellent!


Brays Original Mentholyptus sweets are a hard boiled traditional, fresh, very strong menthol and eucalyptus flavoured sweet with refreshing original menthol taste (NOT FOR young children or THE FAINT HEARTED) traditional retro wrapped Menthol sweets which may help relieve sore throats and bunged up noses!

Factory Mishaps

Everyone sometimes has an off day! When we do, we mix them up, crystalise them with caster sugar, and sell them cheap! Only available in 3kg bags,

Peanut Brittle & Nutty Scrumps & Nutty Crunch

Called Peanut Cluster or Peanut Brittle. Buttery toffee infused with roasted and salted peanuts. Nutty Crunch are wrapped sweets full of nibbed peanuts with the same unique taste as our Nut Cluster.

Sherbet, Crystals, Kali

A selection of different flavours of fizzy, zingy sherbet crystal products. Tingle your tastebuds with these strongly flavoured crystals. Great for dipping things in, too!

Handmade Traditional Pips

Our selection of different flavours of traditional pips will be sure to brighten your day. All of these pips are formed in the old fashioned way between rollers and then 'smashed' up by hand to create these tiny little balls of fun!

Sweets with Natural Colourings

Some of these sweets were previously sold under the "PELLS" label, and are now manufactured to the same recipes under the Brays Brand. All these sweets are made using natural colourings.

Pre-Packs Sweets (Not subject to discount)

A selection of our lines are available in heat sealed pre-packs. Sold by the dozen.

Luxury Gift Products

A variety of high quality Brays gift items. Excellent sellers, great for shop displays, or even great if you like buying your tins of travel sweets in bulk!

Conway & FWB Brand Sweets

Some of the oldest sweet recipes in Wales, now manufactured exclusively by Brays.

Joke/Kids Sweets

A selection of novelty sweets normally found in joke shops. They are great for kids and 'big-kids' alike. All these sweets are wrapped. These are "Blood" sweets!

Empty Jars + Lid

Sometimes a jar might get damaged or look tired, order a brand new empty jar with a lid.
Regret, we have to charge additional carriage if you only order empty jars. This is because our courier charges this item on volume and not weight. Your shipping charge will be shown at checkout prior to payment. Sorry.

Best Sellers

Take a look at a list of our fastest moving products. A great place to start if you are unsure what to try. Also a good guide for trade customers, as what is popular for us is sure to be popular for you.

New Products

Here you can find the newest varieties of sweets that have been added to our online store. We are adding more all the time, so check back here often to keep updated.


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New Products

Nutty Crunch

Nutty Crunch


Nutty Crunch are wrapped sweets full of nibbed peanuts with the same unique taste as our Nut Cluster.
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Extra Strong Mentholyptus

Extra Strong Mentholyptus


Brays Extra Strong Mentholyptus. £13.80 + VAT. They have a "blow your head off" menthol & eucalyptus flavour, which can help/be a perfect relief for blocked nose, head colds, chestiness and sore throats. Vapour menthol action.
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Winter Nips

Winter Nips


Traditional recipe revived due to popular request. Herbal bases flavouring, with added menthol crystals to clear the nose. From the original family recipe book.

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